Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – Weston A. Price
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Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – Weston A. Price

I’m about to start up my studying again with *drum roll* chemistry and biochemistry but before getting into the heavy workload I decided to dig into some books. I will write about the other two in a later post but this book – with most of the research made in the 1930’s – was quite fascinating to read. Price travelled the world to find consistent results that the modern white man’s diet was aiding in the degeneration of native, beautiful and untouched people.

Price’s research begins in the Swiss mountains where the methodology of comparing nutrition of those from most isolated areas to those who were more modernised would show different levels of dental caries (tooth decay). He researched the Gaelic’s of Hebrides, the Eskimos, North American Indians, Melanesians, Polynesians, Africans, Australian Aborigines, Torres Straight Islanders and the Maori. A typical pattern found was that on their native diets (which was different in all regions – with one fundamental underpinning) teeth, along with mouth and facial shape, developed predictably.

He found the natives of the various regions would eat:

– whole rye bread, cheese, liberal amounts of milk with meat once a week

– oat grain (porridge and oat cakes), lobsters, crabs, oysters, clams, cod’s head stuffed with oatmeal

– salmon dipped in seal oil, caribou, ground nuts, kelp, cranberries and organs of large sea animals

– any wild animals of the chase

– wild bush pig, coconut crabs, coconuts, fresh fish and crustaceans, tropical fruits and vegetables

– meat, milk, blood, sweet potato, corn, beans, bananas, millet

– fish, dugong, shell fish, sea plants, kangaroo, bugs, plant sources

As you can see these diets all vary widely but the fundamental underpinning is that the food is from the land. All natural, organic and nutrient dense. This would give them immunity to dental caries not to mention the following.

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Before exposure to modern civilization and white man’s processed, refined, tinned and sugary food it was found that

– there would be auto-immunity to dental caries (tooth decay) as the diet supplied the minerals for strong healthy teeth

– facial shape was more rounded and full giving space for a full set of beautiful, uncrowded teeth

– one study of a family with two brothers showed one boy being able to rise from slumber with energy while the other who was on a modernized diet would be hard to get out of bed

– women in Africa who are sent away to give birth would return within an hour with a child while daughters of these women who were on modernized diets would have difficulty due to narrowed birth canals.

– the signs of degeneration were markedly different form one generation to the next who were on traditional diets vs. modernized.

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Men who were on their native diets showed

– naturally stronger physiques with better facial and upper body development (wide nostrils, wide chest and shoulders)

– stronger libidos – a deficiency in vitamin A will cause reproductive failure

– stronger males would be chosen (through eugenics – the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics) to reproduce with the queen of the tribe!

Not only does a wholesome diet make you feel good but physical condition, through dental health, can be a good indication of overall health.


1 – Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Weston A. Price * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook *Date most recently updated: 2002

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