About Me

Hi I’m Ian Gonzaga and i’m here to share my love for food, nutrition, exercise and well-being.

I come from a physical activity based background where my passion began from a career in dancing where I started weight training to build up strength and stamina. I first touched on nutrition by protein supplementation to build muscle and tone up from a slim build to one a little bit more robust.


Fast forward 5 years later & I gained my Certificate III and IV in Fitness where I dug a little deeper into nutrition, which then really sparked my passion for food and cooking. With the knowledge of fitness and basic nutrition I was able to make some transformations – both physically and with my diet.


A massive change at the beginning of 2012 was the transition from eating the traditional Australian Food Pyramid1 diet to one that is more in line with a Paleo diet2. Inspired by a book called “The Primal Blueprint – Mark Sissone”3 I was set on making some drastic changes in the way I ate to see for myself what the benefits would be. In the time leading up to me beginning my studies I read up on health blogs, would search for delicious recipes and read up on difference exercise techniques


Presently I’m still dancing but learning something very new – Latin. I transferred from the Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine  at Australasian College of Natural Therapies to the Bachelor of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine at Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne. I’m delving even deeper into the world of nutrition, the body and how many different lifestyle changes are able to help our bodies stay happier, healthier and energized. I’m thrilled to be able to share my interests with everyone.

I am in no way a qualified Nutritional Practitioner (that day will come!) and the information found here is for my – and whoever else stumbles upon it – benefit. I will strictly deal only with nutrition, fitness (with a focus on weight training), and lifestyle changes that should benefit you as a whole and I hope you find something useful.

– Ian P Gonzaga

Photo courtesy of Andy Rogers Photography – Melbourne based  Wedding Photographer

1 – Australian Food Pyramid

2 – Paleo Diet Information

3 – The Primal Blueprint